Mum’s Dream

I am very proud to present you my latest big animation project on which I worked from august to november 2020 ! I was lucky to design and animate really cool sequences for the last video of the french youtuber Natoo.

In this very special video, Natoo is making her mum’s dream (dancing as a star on the stage of the Lido) come true. My job was to make a animated travel book that punctuates the video with funny and cute drawings and little notes and fan comments.

Written by Natoo & Anne-sophie Delcour

With Natoo & Ursula

And the exceptional participation of
Jeremie Dethelot & her mother Marinette
Bilal Hassani and her mother Amina
Audrey Pirault
Monsieur Poulpe and his mother Anouck

Executive Producers Sarah Gelin
General Manager Yarone Mama
Production Director Pauline Perrot
Production assistant Marie Garnier
Production trainee Louise Turin
Editor-in-chief Anne-sophie Delcour
Artistic collaborator Leslie Sayadi

Technical Director Théodore Bonnet
1st assistant director Yasmina Chambenoit
2nd assistant director Axel Lirzin

Director of Photography Thibaut Danton
Cameramen Daniel Da Silva, Christophe Desmurs, Matthieu Le Bivic, Johan Ravaute
Operator Steadicam Paul Chapel
1st assistant operators Antoine Carral, Pauline Chevalier

Chief Electrician Jordan Leroy
Electricians Hugo Deroo, Nicolas Le Fievre

Chef Op Sound recording Antoine Caracci
Assistant Sound Basile Catelin, Gautier Decline

Designer Chef Axelle De Biasi (Accessoirement votre)
Accessorist Fabienne Larcher (Accessoirement votre)

Head Costume Designer Melody Collange
Wardrobe Camille Privat

Head Makeup Artist Gauthier Joseph
Makeup artists Jennifer Guernier, Fanny Lavoine, Cecile Marques
Hairstylist Elodie Muller

Directors Orion clisson, Bertrand Fecci, Eric Labat, Baba Samangaray

Director Post-Production Xavier Martin
Post-Production Officer Sarah Schiffmann
Chef Monteur Arthur De Lipowski
Editors Nicolas Carbon, Gregoire Marinier, Florian Tarvic Assistants Editors Clotilde Astie, Hugo De Lipowski

Illustrator Johanna Rousseau
Motion Designer 3d Guillaume Griffoni
Mixing Antoine Caracci
Voice-Off Recording Samstation
Calibrator Charles Baldassarra
Photographer Plateau Laura Gilli

Julie Gregoire & Jane Sansby & All The Team Of The Lido Agnes Brouard & All The Team Of The Studio Harcourt
The Studio Zorse

Directed by Natoo

Produced by Zazi Films & Webedia Originals