The Rabbit Effect

I’ve been working on an animation film for some time now, it’s a collaboration with the artist Cesium, she’s working on the sound design while I’m taking care of the visuals and the animation.

Pitch / Synopsis

A mysterious music disturbs the everyday life of anxious and neurotic characters, who are confined in their own existence.

In our society, the individuals are imprisoned, blocked, held by their anxieties. In that widespread state of inertia, each of them is huddled in his own condition. However, one day, something comes to disrupt their repetitive and gloomy life. We hear music coming up gradually, enveloping each protagonist. In turns, the Shell-Woman, the Autophage, the Anonymous, the Rabbit, the Tree-Man, Stretchy Eyes,… They all finally decide to break their routine and begin a perfectly synchronized ritual dance.

Technical specifications

Date of production : 2019
Color : Black & White
Techniques : hand-drawn / digital
Softwares : TV Paint, After Effects, Premiere Pro