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  • Substate


    Substate is a Drum n’ Bass event taking place in Holland at the Xinix Nieuwendijk. For the occasion, I veejayed alongside the dutch animator Kasper Werther. We combined our animations and videos. Dj sets : Esperantone / NCT / Karimooo / Sinister Souls

  • Eternal Big Black Tour

    Eternal Big Black Tour

    I was hired by Biscuit Production, a production company based in Clermont-Ferrand, to animate a film in 3 parts for the Eternal Big Black Tour, the live show of the french artist Black M. It was a 4 months project during which I worked really hard and learned many things. What I did :⋅ Character…

  • Disorder


    In 2015 I animated a film for my art degree at the ESAL of Epinal. Both funny and disturbing, it is interrogating us about the meaning of our repetitive life. It shows how our deepest fantasies can be revealed by our subconscious, here a catsuit person who is trying to save us from boredom. This is about a man in a suit who’s…

  • Chemin des images

    Chemin des images

    « The city of Epinal gives carte blanche to young and talented illustrators, photographers and plastic artists, all from art school of the Far Est. Inspired by a picture from the Musée de l’image collection, they reinvent the theme, the graphical vocabulary or the story. Those 15 duos, conversing together, are revealing the vitality of the young contemporary creation —…

  • In Het Huis

    In Het Huis

    « Square, triangle, chimney on top. Such a simple shape, but with so many possibilities. I have been playing with it in my own designs for years. And fascinated as I am with this shape I started handing out handmade little wooden houses to see what others would do with it. » Koen de Wilde When I…

  • Pieds de Nez !

    Pieds de Nez !

    This is an editorial project that links the testimonies of my grandmother Marie-Solande Rousseau with linocuts I made. Marie-Solange was part of the French Resistance during the World War II and used humor to survive.

  • Book & Mystère

    Book & Mystère

    Artist’s book / Funny French-English dictionary

  • Wake Up John

    Wake Up John

    Here is my first animated short film. I made it during my graduation year, when I was attending an animation school in 2013. Music : Emmanuel RousseauTechnique : Hand-drawn animation