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  • Velo Kids

    Velo Kids

    Explanatory animation I made for an app with the aim of providing bikes for children in parks and playgrounds.

  • 9 ANS TDN @ Belle Électrique

    9 ANS TDN @ Belle Électrique

    On the occasion of the 9th anniversary of the electronic music collective The DARE night, that took place at La Belle Électrique (Grenoble) on 16/03/19, I made a series of visuals for posters and flyers with the talented graphic designer Pierre Alice Pierre. I also worked on the scenography with one of my favorite VJ…



    I am happy to present you the demoreel of the VJ / video – mapping scenographies that I’ve made during 2018.

  • Bleu Tonnerre

    Bleu Tonnerre

    This April I’ve done a residency with the band Bleu Tonnerre. I created a scenography animated by video mapping. Bleu Tonnerre is a collective of musicians, visual artists, photographers, poets who are working together on a musical / cinematographic project investigated by Sébastien José Dos-Santos. InstagramFacebookBandcamp `



    17/11/18La Belle Électrique (Grenoble, France) Avalon Emerson (WHITIES – SPECTRAL SOUND / BERLIN ) Or:la (HOTFLUSH RECORDINGS – DEEP SEA FREQUENCY / LIVERPOOL) Roi Perez (OSTGUT/ BERLIN) Organized by : La Belle ÉlectriqueVJing by : Johanna Rousseau “Now Future” is a recurrent event taking place at the Belle Électrique once or twice a trimester. It promotes…

  • FALLING AWAKE – Work in progress

    FALLING AWAKE – Work in progress

    Official video of « Falling Awake » from SHRLOK (AMAR) Techniques : 2D animation, live actionSoftwares : TVPaint, After Effects, Premiere Pro An ancient world crumbles, dragging its inhabitants down with it in its downfall. Only a desert remains, covered in rubbles, from which a new world is rebuilt, colourful, wild, bearing hope. SHRLOKAMAR



    Scarioz is an electronic music producer from Caen, France.He contacted me to create an animated teaser presenting his debut album « Aleph ». Official teaser of  « ALEPH » from SCARIOZTechniques : 2D animation, live actionSoftwares : TVPaint, After Effects, Premiere ProDate of release : 30/04/18 BANDCAMPFACEBOOKINSTAGRAMSOUNCLOUD

  • Beyrand


    Animated logo for Beyrand, a transfer printing company. Technique : Motion Design / After EffectsStoryboard & graphic design : LouizeAnimation : Johanna RousseauClient : Beyrand August 2018

  • The Rabbit Effect

    The Rabbit Effect

    I’ve been working on an animation film for some time now, it’s a collaboration with the artist Cesium, she’s working on the sound design while I’m taking care of the visuals and the animation. Pitch / Synopsis A mysterious music disturbs the everyday life of anxious and neurotic characters, who are confined in their own existence. In…



    Official video of ‘HOLLOW’ from SHRLOK (AMAR) Techniques : 2D animation, live action Softwares : TVPaint, After Effects, Premiere Pro Date of release : 30/04/18 SHRLOK AMAR                    

  • Decidento


    Explanatory video for Decidento, a sales business intelligence solution. Technique : Motion Design on After Effects > Decidento 

  • Unheard Sounds

    Unheard Sounds

    Unheard Sounds is an underground music event created by Colin Schraauwers and happening at the ACU in Utrecht, Holland. I’ve been making posters for them since 2016. → Dubstep / Grime / Uk Garage Artists that already came to Unheard Sounds :Joe Nice, TMSV, Ipman, Sepia, DE-TÜ, Muttley, BRUTUZZ,The Illuminated, Hebbe, Sweepa, Rachel Green, Xamount, Michael Pieterse, 2…



    I designed the complete interface of a narrative and playful online video game called « SPACE ».  This project is a collaboration with the Compagnie Objet Sensible, l’EPN / Develo’Pont, Nathalie Della Vedova, Emmanuel Rousseau and Jade Fiess. ☞ Objet Sensible☞ Develo’Pont

  • Es Tu Vida

    Es Tu Vida

    Music video that I made for the korean jazz band Winterplay > Winterplay > Loudpigs

  • Portraits photo

    Portraits photo

    I also take photos…