Rituels + Machines + Fossiles

I took part in the 2nd edition of R+M+F, an event organized by ARCAN at the Archaeological Museum of Grenoble. Indeed, on the occasion of Halloween and in partnership with the museum, ARCAN has proposed an exhibition of digital arts, performances and workshops to reflect on digital issues: waste, data conservation. All gathering more than 1300 people.

Team: Rémi Thibaut, Pierre Schefler, Amèle BM, Aurélien Conil, Félix Côte, Lou Reichling.

Artists: Jérémy Griffaud, Félix Côte, Clément Demonsant, Romain Darracq, Johanna Rousseau, Amèle BM, Lola Ajima & Yukao Nagemi.

With this project combining 2D animation and video mapping, I wanted to repopulate the Archaeological Museum with strange creatures that, coming out of an immemorial sleep, proved to the public sometimes playful and funny, sometimes infernal and terrible. Multipedal monsters, hybrid humanoids, strange skeletons… A small chimeric and occult world emerged from the underground and unveiled its mysteries, undulating on the stones and sneaking through the walls.

I also wanted to add to my visual work an original sound atmosphere by broadcasting enigmatic little sounds, whispers, footsteps, laughter, unintelligible dialogues to support this idea of a rich life that emerges from the basements to freely evolve in the space of the museum, having fun by gently terrorize the humans who observe them.