Étiquette : illustration

  • Rituels + Machines + Fossiles

    Rituels + Machines + Fossiles

    I took part in the 2nd edition of R+M+F, an event organized by ARCAN at the Archaeological Museum of Grenoble. Indeed, on the occasion of Halloween and in partnership with the museum, ARCAN has proposed an exhibition of digital arts, performances and workshops to reflect on digital issues: waste, data conservation. All gathering more than…

  • Mask Singer

    Mask Singer

    Here are the scenery I designed for the TV show « Mask Singer », broadcast on the French channel TF1. In addition to the set, I was also asked to create a character, a baby elephant hanging from a red balloon by the trunk, which flies over Montmartre in Paris.

  • Halloween


    In September 2021, Jean Paul Gaultier asked me to create a series of scary characters for Halloween. I first drew ghosts, each with a special attribute: a corset, a crown, a marinière and a pair of high heels. Then I had to do the same thing but this time with skeletons. It was very fun…