Auteur/autrice : Johanna Rousseau

  • Rituels + Machines + Fossiles

    Rituels + Machines + Fossiles

    I took part in the 2nd edition of R+M+F, an event organized by ARCAN at the Archaeological Museum of Grenoble. Indeed, on the occasion of Halloween and in partnership with the museum, ARCAN has proposed an exhibition of digital arts, performances and workshops to reflect on digital issues: waste, data conservation. All gathering more than…

  • Mask Singer

    Mask Singer

    Here are the scenery I designed for the TV show « Mask Singer », broadcast on the French channel TF1. In addition to the set, I was also asked to create a character, a baby elephant hanging from a red balloon by the trunk, which flies over Montmartre in Paris.



    Here is a Motion Design I developed for the promotion of French ski resorts abroad.

  • Angèle – Nonante-cinq Tour

    Angèle – Nonante-cinq Tour

    On the occasion of the new live performance by the Belgian artist Angèle, I made a series of animations based on the crocodile designed by the singer’s brother, Roméo Elvis. These animations were projected during the song « Tout Oublier » throughout her tour. It was very fun to bring this character to life, by having him…

  • Scandal


    I often do TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram filter simulations for Jean Paul Gaultier, here are a few examples.

  • La Belle Fleur Terrible

    La Belle Fleur Terrible

    I created a series of animations for the perfume « La Belle Fleur Terrible » by Jean Paul Gaultier. It was my first time animating with embroideries, the result is cool !

  • Lugdunum


    I animated this teaser for the Lugdunum, an archeological museum based in Lyon. This simple and dynamic animation was produced by Matt Design in 2020 in Grenoble

  • Clou


    Here’s an animation I made for the French singer Clou, for her show at the Victoire de la Musique 2021.I used the drawings of Clou as a based to create this colorful and surrealistic animation.

  • Gaël Faye

    Gaël Faye

    I created a character that I animated for the scenography of Gaël Faye’s concert at the Victoire de la Musique 2021

  • Halloween


    In September 2021, Jean Paul Gaultier asked me to create a series of scary characters for Halloween. I first drew ghosts, each with a special attribute: a corset, a crown, a marinière and a pair of high heels. Then I had to do the same thing but this time with skeletons. It was very fun…

  • Mum’s Dream

    Mum’s Dream

    I am very proud to present you my latest big animation project on which I worked from august to november 2020 ! I was lucky to design and animate really cool sequences for the last video of the french youtuber Natoo. In this very special video, Natoo is making her mum’s dream (dancing as a…

  • P.R.O.


    Explanatory animation for the french company Verticille My tasks : Story-boarding, artwork on Illustrator, Motion design and FX on After Effects.

  • Digital illustrations

    Digital illustrations

    With the Covid crisis which has been ruining 2020, I felt the need to make my artwork more joyful and fun, creating eccentric characters and using saturated colors. In fact I realized how much color could change the atmosphere and the emotion of an art piece. Therefore I am planning on using more colors in…

  • Introspection


    I present you 6 different versions of an artwork I made for the second release of the French label Records or not Records (RONR), project launched in 2020 by the DJ and producer Baume. Listen « Introspection » by Baume on Bandcamp

  • Linocut


    Linocut is a printing technique consisting in engraving linoleum with what we call « gouges » or « chisels » and creating some sort of stamp. When you’re done carving, you must ink your stamp with a paint roll and then you’re ready to print ! It doesn’t need too much room and supplies so everybody can do it,…